Lord, Help Me!

Often times, we hear people say this when they are at the end of their rope and have no idea of how to handle something gone wrong. I know for me this day has already been a “Lord, Help Me Day”.

First thing this morning, our schedule was changed due to an appointment I needed to be at an hour away by 9:45am; which means my workout is moved up and someone else is getting the grandkids fed and ready for school.

That was fine and dandy except my daughter needed to print out several forms for college she needed today, and the layout of the document they sent was off; so it was printing out wrong. Thus, the workout was put on hold, and my computer skills were being put to the test while she got the kids ready and ran them to school. Yet, when she got in her car, it wouldn’t start. So, she had to borrow one of ours.

Now for me, I had to get the document figured out so I could workout, shower, and then leave. I finally figured out the format issue, fixed it and printed with just enough time to get the main part of my workout done.

While working out, my youngest grandson, a toddler, decided he wanted to open the fridge and drag out a drink for himself. I didn’t have time to deal with that at the moment but simply put it back in the fridge. He, on the other hand, was not a happy camper with me and was filling the whole house up with the sound of his tantrum.

I finished my workout and had 15 minutes to shower, gather my things for the appointment and leave. My mother took over with my grandson who was happy with his juice and Mickey Mouse, and I rushed to get ready to leave.

I ran out the door, got in my car, and it didn’t start right. It was shaking and idling wrong. No! Not another vehicle! I don’t have time for this sh….! I ran into the house and asked if I could borrow my mother’s car. She said she didn’t have much gas, but it was enough to get me to a gas station.

I flew into town, stopped for a little gas, and got on the road for my appointment. Boy, did I fly to get there! I made it just in time. Thank God! The appointment went well. Everyone there was chipper and happy. It helped me to relax and breathe for a moment.

Now to head home so I can spend time playing with my grandson. Just when you think the rushing and hectic mess of the day is over, and you’re breathing a sigh of relief, another thing happens. Lord, help me!

I made it all the way back to my town and right before I got home, I got pulled over for speeding. I DID slow down on the way back, but not enough. Could this day get any worse or hectic? I probably shouldn’t be asking that.

Now, I’m sure there’s been a time or two when you’ve experienced a day such as mine. They are NOT fun! But when you slow down and think about it, in all that crazy mess that was happening, maybe I was supposed to look at it differently. Rather than being irritated or stressed from it all, I should just breathe and take it one step at a time.

I know when you’re in the thick of it all, and everything is whirling around you, it’s hard to stay calm and breathe. Maybe God wants us to practice that so when things get crazy again, we’ll be used to taking a peaceful approach or outlook to it.

Being stressed or irritated never helps anything. You can’t think straight nor communicate well as to be heard correctly. The only thing being seen or heard is the irritation and stress. We need to stop putting stress and irritation or even anger in the front seat or driver’s seat of our lives. Who wants them driving anyway? You’ll likely end up in an accident or at the wrong destination. We need to keep peace and relaxation as our pilots or copilots. They sound like the best company to be traveling with or leading us.

Recently, I started back up with practicing meditation on a daily basis. I usually do it after my workout in the mornings. I find taking a few minutes helps to have a better perspective and relaxed approach to my day. Plus, the breathing exercises they have you do are awesome for a calming exercise when stress hits. They’ve been helping me with my doctors appointments lately.

A simple thing like breathing is such a powerful tool God gave us. Breathing not only gives us life, but also helps us relax, stay focused, de-stress; you name it. Just the other day, I realized in one of my meditations that my deep slow breathing actually sounds like the waves at the beach. The beach! It’s my most favorite place in the world to be and the one place I can go to that brings me such peace. Now, isn’t that interesting? Meditation, breathing, and the beach all coincide together to equal de-stress. No wonder I like meditation. It’s like going to the beach for me. God is really awesome to give me that. I don’t live by the beach anymore, and there are times and that I truly miss it, but I’m realizing I can bring it home into my living room or wherever I may be just by meditating.

The next time you’re having a “Lord, Help Me Day” like mine. Try taking a minute to slowly breathe in and out. Listen to your breathing. If it’s rushed, keep doing it until your breathing slows down. Listen for the waves at the beach. Then, take the relaxed feeling you have from the breathing and focus on one step at a time. You might find your day taking a different turn; the turn for the right destination. And then you’ll notice that your demeanor changes. That means your driver or copilot are peace and relaxation. Your feelings about your day will change for the better. You’ll be happier and more positive.

So, when you say “Lord, help me”, they are not empty words. God, actually answers your cry. He sees your desperation and promptly responds to you. You just need to use the tools He’s given to listen. They’ve been there the whole time.

Just Breathe by Laurie Noah

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