Let It Go

Sometimes, the best thing we can do is let it go.

We, all, have things going on in life, and some of those things are way bigger than we can even begin to handle. The question is…are we even supposed to be handling them?

I know for me when something is going on that threatens my peace and comfort zone, the first thing I want to do is control it’s outcome. I want to make sure that outcome is in keeping with my peace and with how I see life should be. But…like I said in my last post, the only thing we can control in life is ourselves; not others. Trying to control others is manipulation, and that’s just plain wrong.

So what should you do if something’s going on in your life that threatens your peace or how you want your life to be? First, you need to realize you can’t control life. We all know Life Happens! It has a plan of its own, and we are along for the ride. We can control how we react to life, and how we choose to see it, but the best thing we can do is Let It Go.

I believe there is a higher power in our lives…God. He has a plan for each and everyone of us, but if we really want life to go smoother or more peaceful, it would be better to let go of how we think life should be and trust God has a bigger and better plan than we can even imagine for ourselves.

Now, that letting go IS NOT EASY! Trust me, I’ve learned from experience. But, I’ve also learned that my road has been longer or more difficult when I didn’t let go right away. That was by my own doing, not by God Himself.

Now, I’m not saying we don’t have the ability to choose what direction we want to go in our future or what we want to be doing with our lives. God gives us those dreams and passions for a reason. He’s the one that designed us for them. What I am saying is…God knows the best way to get to those dreams and passions. He knows how we work best and what experiences we need in order to reach our dreams and be in tiptop shape for them. We need to trust His guidance; just like we trust a trainer or coach whose getting us ready for a competition or race.

Sometimes, the only thing and best thing we can do is TRUST. Trust that God knows best, that He has something way better than what we imagined, and that the strength it takes to trust will make us able to handle what’s in store for our future. Trust that God has what’s most important to you; for me it’s my family, tucked safely in His arms, and He will take perfect care of them.

Now, it’s easy to trust Him with things that aren’t as important to you, but when it comes to the things you value the most, it’s a whole other ballgame. That’s when you need to release your grip on what you value so much, and let Him take over. For me, my family is my whole world. I live and breathe for them each and every day. If something wants to come in and hurt them, or they decide to do something that I didn’t expect or envision for our lives, that’s when the going gets tough.

As a mother, it’s our instinct to protect our children or grandchildren. We don’t ever want them to hurt. But, we aren’t doing them justice if we don’t allow them the freedom to make decisions for themselves or the freedom to go out in the world and experience things with others. We aren’t doing them justice if we don’t allow the opportunity for God to guide and protect them. They need to know and experience Him for themselves. Sometimes, there are things that need to happen for them, with Him alone, and that would never happen if we as parents get in the way.

With that said, I’m not saying we should be helpless people, who shouldn’t solve problems for ourselves. I’m just saying sometimes the only answer to a problem, is that we get out of the way and let it go. It needs to play itself out, and we need to experience going along for the ride; in other words experience going through the problem, not trying to go around it. The outcome will eventually happen, and it may be better than you even envisioned. With God, the outcome is always better. He turns all things around for good to those that trust Him:)

Let It Go by Laurie Noah

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