Believe in Yourself

I don’t know how many times I’ve come across someone whose being extra hard on themselves. Heck, I’m the worst critic about myself. I think we all do that at times in our lives.

Why is that? We have enough going on in life these days. Why do we need to make it even harder on ourselves by tearing our own selves down?

Personally, I think it’s easier to tear ourselves down than to face that what’s happening is out of our control. So many of us are taught that we can control everything around us. It’s a safety thing. That’s just not true. The only thing we can control is ourselves. You can’t control other people or even what they do in your life, but you can control yourself. So when we realize we can’t control the other person and what they may be doing to us, then we start controlling ourselves so it either affects the other person to change or affects us and how we feel through the situation.

We need to be careful in doing this. You don’t want to cross a line in changing yourself to affect another person. In some instances, that would be called manipulation. If you want to make a change with yourself, it needs to be for the right reasons where the change is positive for you and affects only you for the better. Once again, you can’t control another person. Even trying is pointless. You can talk with them and communicate with them about how their actions are affecting you, but you should only talk. Don’t do things to try to force another to change. They need to discover and learn how to do that for themselves.

So, if you want to make changes for you, start by believing in yourself. What you believe about yourself and your abilities makes a difference how you view life, your dreams, your daily decisions, and even how others view you. If you can’t believe in your own self, then no one will ever believe completely in you.

Start with positive self-talk. You need to talk yourself up…not down. Say a mantra when you wake up every morning. Or write compliments down on sticky notes about yourself. Place them on the bathroom mirror or any place that you see a lot throughout the day and read them every time you see them. Read them ALOUD! There’s something about hearing the words over and over again that helps it sink in. It changes your viewpoint about yourself over time. Like I said in the last post, everyone needs to hear encouragement. You need to start with yourself. Start by believing in yourself.

Take a personal inspection. What are your strengths, your passions, or your best attributes? Start with focusing on those things. Remind yourself of them consistently throughout each day. Then, take a look at your dreams. Where do you want to go with your life? Everyone has a passion or dream they’ve been slowly discovering as they grow up and live life. What is yours? Start researching how you can make that happen in your life. Take the first step towards making your dream come true. And I’m going to say this loud and clear. DON’T LET SELF-DOUBT OR FEAR OF FAILURE STOP YOU from stepping out toward what makes you come alive and be happy. The key to opening the door to a healthier and happier life, the one meant only for you, is BELIEVING IN YOURSELF.

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